The LAST Project

It’s here! It’s weird! It’s free from fear! (alliteration is hard okay?) Its the Lost Audio Storage Trust! This is a new YouTube channel that is completely about audio. In the past, I’ve uploaded “lost” audio, however most subscribers didn’t appreciate it. It’s not a surprise that people that like original creations may not be interested in niche audio.

So that’s where the LAST channel comes in! (Update March 2021: The channel has been merged with Nintendo’s Music World!) It’s a celebration of audio that was never wildly released, available now on YouTube in higher quality than anywhere else! This is completely a passion project, as I don’t make revenue from these videos, and expect them to all be claimed (which they should, since I didn’t make the audio).

The logo went through 3 revisions. It is designed to look like a 🎵 and a ❓

Here’s the first 3 tracks:

I have a number of uncompressed Club Penguin tracks that I’ll be releasing in the following days.

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