ImagineMC Server

Play Now: ImagineMC is currently ! IP: Version: 1.15.2 See discord (listed at the bottom of all pages) for all server news 2020 We moved to a new host and acquired as the new server IP, leading to … Read More

Super Mario Maker 2

Background: For my birth-anniversary I treated myself to a new (used) copy of Super Mario Maker 2. I’ve been long thinking about making levels, however by the time the Wii U version came out, I had already sold mine, so … Read More

lost password

The login page is for staff of the ImagineMC Server. I currently do not allow registrations or requests. All ne’er-do-wells will be flogged. All trolls will be burned at the stake. You have been warned!


Here you’ll find everything I’ve made in Minecraft. If available for download, you’ll need Minecraft Java edition to open them, which you can buy here.


While I no longer create things in Algodoo, your welcome to browse my collection of past creations. Algodoo is required to run these and you can download it free here.