Steel Diver demake

Playable on Nintendo Game Builder Garage ID: G-004-1R9-6RJ Created: 6/20/2021 Updated: 6/22/2021 I bought game-builder garage on release day. I own all 4 Nintendo Labo sets (which include a simpler version of the programming software), and have worked with the … Read More

USF Garden Interactive Map

In February I visited the USF Botanical Garden and enjoyed my walk around the property. Much to my surprise they had the old MOSI bioworks signs for their butterfly garden. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to volunteer and use … Read More

Super Mario Maker 2

Background: For my birth-anniversary I treated myself to a new (used) copy of Super Mario Maker 2. I’ve been long thinking about making levels, however by the time the Wii U version came out, I had already sold mine, so … Read More

M.O.S.I. Replica & 3D Print

Also Made by: Leroy717 Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Updates: Original Post: This is the worlds first replica of the Museum of Science and Industry located in Tampa. This is based on the original and kids in charge buildings in 2008, as … Read More

DIY Haunted House

WELCOME MORTALS TO YOUR DOOM! This year I’ve opened my house to the public, and have created a walkthrough haunted house. Each room is themed to a different Halloween Cliche. This is my first public Tower Unite project. My idea … Read More