Season of giving

This year Universal Studios will be playing the saint, having given all its employees two free tickets, a 3 day photo pass and 50% off all universal merch.

WMG (Warner Music Group) will be playing the Grinch, stealing the ad revenue off my new polar express video after having no issues for 2 years.

Upon revising the video to use less audio, they then re-made their claim, then additionally created a new one, as to prove how evil they are.

MrWonka will be playing the common man. I’ll be working a LOT this Christmas season and so I’m unsure if I’ll have the time to deal with these issues. I’m trying to resolve the claims while modifying (and in some cases improving) the original video as little as possible, but WMG seems insistent that they need the money more than I do.

911, whats your emergency?

This was not a post I thought I’d ever be writing. I’ve gone 20 years now without needing any emergency services. This streak ended on November 13th. I’ve been “forced” to rent a room near universal because 1, most hotels won’t allow unaccompanied guests under 21 to stay. 2, doing the 70 minute drive 6 times in a weekend was killing me. So I resorted to using a house on a booking site. This had been fine for my last few stays, with exception to the area being somewhat dodgy.

I arrived half an hour late at the room I’ve been renting. The owner was waiting on me and gave me the keys and new WiFi password. He said he had to change it due to kicking out an old tenant and not to let anyone in. There was a stray cat that I petted. I watched videos in my room for 2 hours when I heard knocking outside. I waited for them to go away, but they were persistent. I got dressed and got my phone and keys in case something bad happened. Outside was a Russian lady with a back pack with an American flag sticking out. I looked around and noticed that she didn’t have a car. In her hand was the key lock, which she had removed from the door handle. She said that she had paid for a room and didn’t have the key. Her English was poor so I translated “I am not the owner and do not have the key. I cannot let you in, you need to contact the owner. ” even if I did let her in neither of us had the key to her room. The cat from earlier kept trying to sneak in, which I thought was an eerie coincidence. She stated that she understood but wouldn’t back down so I swiftly closed the door. She tried to stop me but failed. Then I heard, “obscenity! Let me in!” followed by hard kicking on the door. I put my back against it right as she broke the frame that was keeping the door locked. I then heard hard banging on the window but she didn’t break it.

Image used for demonstration, Not the actual door. Image from

I frantically called 911 while crying and hyperventilating and within minutes there were 8 officers. They said they had been there yesterday and didn’t like the house. The woman was fined with forced entry and I was able to call the owner and the police spoke with him. The police asked if I was comfortable with her staying inside to which my response was a resounding NO. After they were done questioning me I went and packed my stuff to head back to my dorm. Looking at my door here I have a new appreciation for it being thick and having a large strike-plate

Do it all again

Whew. I survived Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. I’ve now seen everything. Both the best and worst in people, especially considering how drunk some people got before even entering the park. I was finally able to find the guest compliments left for me on twitter and was quite pleased with what people said. Below are the three I’ve gotten so far.

Post 1: Jul 29 @UniversalORL thank you Jarret at Volcano Bay for giving us the 411!
Post 2: Sep 20 @askuniversal and @UniversalORL -shoutout to our awesome ticket taker, jarret! He was awesome!
Post 3: Nov 2 Jarret at turnstiles is the bomb!! #askuniversal
For privacy I’ve removed usernames and user photos.

I was also able to take some time and re-think what I wanted to do going forward. This semester I’ve been having trouble with my math classes and I’ve continued the trend of being way too stressed and depressed. I remember during orientation they said that most engineering students don’t finish and the major had the highest failure rate. No kidding.

I considered quitting college and just working. I thought about quitting work and redoubling my efforts on classes I didn’t enjoy. I thought about taking a semester off from college. Finally after talking with my advisor and friends I choose that switching majors would be the best choice. This allowed me to spend the rest of this semester doing preforming errands, working on personal projects and taking care of myself while still working. A bit of a happy medium.

Whats up danger?

Once more I’ve been feeling the first semester blues. You would think that after 3 years of college I’d have it figured out by now but that’s life. To cope with stress (or perhaps avoid it) I’ve been posting A LOT more videos than normal. Florida pre-paid finally came in so I finally had some overdue money. I put most in savings and allotted myself $100. The next day I receive a text from my mother saying a letter had arrived stating that I was to immediately pay Disney Movie Club $95. So let’s go back two years.

I’m 18, I believe Disney is an honest company, and I learn about the Disney Movie Club. It states that you can get 5 movies for $1 each, then they will send you promos and such in the mail. Makes sense. I skimmed through the legal text and didn’t see anything atrocious so I signed up.

This is the website today, which has since added the “how it works” page which very sneakily hides the conditions at the bottom.

I got my 5 movies. Great. I of course started getting the promotional emails and mail. I was able to unsubscribe from the emails but not the mail. Poor trees. I also found out that you had to respond to EVERY letter they sent or else you’d be auto charged for whatever new movie they were selling. To avoid this I changed the credit card number to a fake one. This worked, but the mail kept coming. I resolved this by changing it to a fake mailing address. It was at this time that I learned that I HAD to buy 5 movies AT FULL PRICE. That was bad for a broke college student. So I did my best to avoid it until the two year contract that I “signed up for” expired, in which they sent a collection agency after me.

Fine. I’ll pay it. Clearly Disney needs the money more than I do. I think its worth stating that Universal makes no such back stabbing offers. You can add this to my Universally Better list (which you can read here)

Today I watched the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie, which I had bought prior to this incident, and got more emotional than I probably should of. One song especially resonated with me.

I go hard wit’ it no matter how dark it is
If I’m crazy, I’m on my own
If I’m waitin’, it’s on my throne
If I sound lazy, just ignore my tone
‘Cause I’m always gonna answer when you call my phone
Like, what’s up, danger? (Danger)
Like, what’s up, danger?

From What’s Up Danger by Blackway & Black Caviar

Where’s The Fair Use?

I expected to be writing about the horrible hurricane, but here in Tampa we have horrifying light winds and rainfall. But today I’m facing another storm. On my latest video, the 2017 walkthrough of FunLand I came into an issue.

Unlike the 2015 walkthrough which was much shorter and used comparably little copyrighted audio, the 2017 did. And a lot. So I arrived at the solution that (as per rule of thumb) any copyrighted audio longer than 30 seconds I would cut off and replace with public domain audio. After an hour of editing I uploaded it and…

Good grief. Some of them were resolved by shortening the audio to 20 seconds, but others, namely Ellen’s energy adventure by Disney, Test Track by Disney, and New Game by Monster Cat (which ironically uses fair use for game sounds) were all were un-coporeative little %$&^ that won’t let you use more than 5 seconds of their 3+ minute songs. I’m just an internet nobody, but this doesn’t seem very FAIR to me.