6 Years of Imagine


On March 8th ImagineMC will be turning 6 years old! We now have better locomoter skills and stronger hand-eye coordination! For This year we will be celebrating by opening 3 (because 3*2 is 6. Get it?) new attractions:

  • Explore the hidden reaches of FantasyLand on the new trackless rollercoaster Adventure Heights
  • Expand your knowledge of FunLand on the refurbished skyline
  • Extend your curiosity with one more experience, to be revealed March 8th

Also on March 5th I’ll be premiering a new video showcasing the progress of FunLand from 2015-2020. YouTube channel sponsors can see the video now!

Depression by the numbers

Last week I came down with a throat infection which meant I couldn’t work on projects and class as much as usual. It also meant that I preformed poorly in class and on tests.

More damning is my YouTube stats. I’m aware that the algorithm and audiences are fickle, and the goal of my channel has always been to put out content I enjoy making, and for the most part this has worked. It is normal for views to go down in the first few months of the year, as most people are busy. Adding to this was the Polar Express copyright claim by WMG during peak winter season, which led me to redo all their claimed videos, leading to a massive fall in views. This time last year I was getting around 4k views on Saturdays. this year its 2.5k.

This on its own is not enough to warrant a blog post, however I’ve been uploading almost weekly now, and nearly all new videos are preforming poorly.

It’s frustrating to see things I put so much time effort and care into do badly, while other channels crank out content that isn’t theirs and get huge acclaim. Don’t get me wrong, I’m appreciative for everyone that watches my content and reads these posts, and perhaps I’m being unappreciative. It’s just very dissuading to not only have slow forward progress but even backwards in some regards, and makes me wonder what changed?

Regarding my weight loss, I’ve lost a little bit and will be seeing a dietician soon. However all this has not been helping.

A Universe of memories

On Saturday January 11th 2020 I worked my final day at Universal Studios Orlando. I probably cried at-least 20 separate times that day. I made the decision three weeks prior that I could not do another semester of college during the week, Universal during the weekends, and the two hour one way drive that entails. I’ve never loved working for a company so much as Universal. I started during the summer as an turnstiles entrance op at volcano bay, then moved to volcano bay transit, and after school started I was moved over to dry parks. In total I worked 9 months, my longest time working at any company, and my first job I’ve been sad to leave. During my tenure I had

  • 4 Guest compliments (1 to guest services and 3 on twitter)
  • 1 Guest complaint (sent via email. Couldn’t bother to spell my name correctly)
  • 100 people per hour processing speed when busy
  • Worked Halloween Horror Nights, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day
  • Gotten to see Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Ripley’s thanks to free admission
  • Found out that 98% of people are good or neutral
  • Prevented 7 people from illegally entering without tickets (2 teens successfully did but were caught by security shortly thereafter)
  • 1 ticket handed to me by a plush doll
  • YouTuber Coaster Studios came through my turnstile!
  • And at least 150 people pat me on the back (I appreciated it, but please don’t)

I’ve heard it said
That people come into our lives
For a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led to those
Who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
But I don’t know if I believe that’s true
But I know I’m who I am today
Because I knew you

From For Good by Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel

Site enhancements abound

Now that I’m FINALLY not working my butt off, I’ve had time to do more quality of life and feature improvements to the site! The site now has:

  • Share Buttons (Update: I’ve since removed the Facebook share button as it tracks users)
  • Like Buttons
  • Social Buttons at the bottom of all pages
  • Better pages for sorting blog posts
  • A “Literally Everything” page for blog posts
  • Sort options for My work
  • Sort specific pages (Meaning you can bookmark the page that just shows Minecraft stuff if your only interested in that)
  • Basic instructions on how to open/run stuff on the sort specific pages
  • My work sorting in the menu bar (no more having to load the main page to sort stuff)
  • WAY better archive page

Speaking of which, here’s a photo comparison of what the 2018 page looked like VS the 2020 one.

Website referb complete!

Woo! After 2 weeks of work amounting to about 10 hours, I’ve completed the new website refurbishment. This fixes a lot of janky issues the old version had, primarily to do with objects overlapping, load times being atrocious, and having lots of junk blank space. While I was at it (and because of internal changes) I redid all of the portfolio posts. This included standardizing how things are shown, fixing broken links and typos, and updating posts.

There are things still missing for the time being: Portfolio sorting, making the archive suck less, and social links.