Site update

Captains log, after a full day of contacting tech support five times, I’ve finally moved everything over to the new host, so I have nothing todo with webs or mediafire anymore. You may also notice that now everything loads significantly faster than before, because of the new hosting. Right now I’m working on adding more of my work to the aptly named “My Work” page. Once all that is completed I expect to get back to work on the back to the future replica.

Downloads update

I have now added all my Minecraft downloads and two of my Algodoo downloads to the website as I figure out the best way to display the content. In the future I’ll have specific tabs for things, (Minecraft, Algodoo, programs, etc). For now everything has its year and version #. One nice thing I’ve found is I can add new downloads without having to worry about breaking something else.

New BTTF/website

The new back to the future ride replica is now in production. Also welcome to the new website! I’m going to try to blog and see how that goes. This new back to the future ride replica is 5x larger than the old one and is currently 20% complete. It is slated for a late sep release. Its also worth noting that our downloads are now in-house, meaning that we no longer use mediafire, and now have full control of the pages.