And then there were 3… (months)

It’s hard to believe it, but (for me anyways), this is the last week of the semester. For my Analyzing Media class, I created a video looking at how Jaws basically predicted how the Coronavirus would play out. Its pretty entertaining, in spite of it being a college level project, I’d say (AND as a bonus, no ads!).

So, after this I’ll have a week off in which I can finally spend some time working on personal projects again. This summer though scares me. I’m taking 4 college classes in total. In the last month, July, I have to:

  • Pass 3 college classes, all of which are only a month long
  • Get a job offer
    • Which means I’ll need a place to live
  • Get a place to live
    • Which means I’ll likely need proof of employment
  • Move

As you can see, the Job/Living issues is a chicken and egg problem. They both rely upon the other, which puts me in a serious catch 22. 😓 AND I can’t make any substantial progress towards any of these goals before July.

Fun times. Fun times.

IMC transfer, VGM Project, and Platform Racing 2

I’m pleased to announce that the transfer of the ImagineMC Minecraft Server has been successful, and Nintendo_Male is now overseeing the operation and management. I look forward to seeing what he does with it going forward. I still intend to work on the server now and again and continue to help Nintendo_Male with operations. Long live ImagineMC!

I’m also pleased to announce that we have rebranded Nintendo’s Music World to the VGM Project, to represent the expanding scope of the channel, from just Nintendo music to whatever video game music we can find that isn’t already uploaded in a high standard. (Also, there was too much search competition for anything with the world Nintendo in it)

Lastly, I have recently rediscovered a game I used to play call Platform Racing 2. I’ve made a portfolio post and video about it here. I’ve also made two multiplayer SMM2 levels inspired by campaign levels in PR2.

New Logo and Merch

This is the new logo for MrWonka. It replaces the former top hat logo I used for the website. It also now acts as the logo for our Discord and Steam group. I’ve replaced the top hat because it was a public domain image, and I wanted something that would be more specific to me.

The logo is representative of a few things to me, more obviously, the MW stands for MrWonka, and the colors, gray and purple, are representative of Willy Wonka. The placement of the letters draws a line upward, pointing to a better future. The M and W are actually the same character (the M is an upside down W), showing how we are more alike than different. The overlapping (the light blue streak) shows how together we can make something new.

ALSO I NOW HAVE MERCH. And its on sale too! Use the code 2021 for 10% off. (This ends in 2 weeks!)

I’ve created a new graphic design using the overview image of the FunLand themepark, with some tacky info for good measure. Now you too can become a walking advertisement! I also have the MW design available as a small logo on a shirt.

A very Covid Christmas

The title was too easy of a joke to not make.

As this dumpster fire of a year comes to a close, I wanted to give y’all some wishes and updates. Firstly, I’m so proud of how this community has handled this year’s hardships. We didn’t fall apart, resort to name calling, flame wars, or bigotry, despite what has happened in our community and in the real world. My wish is that this will continue as our virtual family grows, and that all of you will stay safe and healthy in real life.

So, here’s the big news, regarding the future ownership of ImagineMC. If you haven’t already, read this post about my stepping down. I want to re-iterate that I’m not quitting Minecraft all together. I’ll likely continue working on projects now and again. So, the new owners will be Nintendo_Male and stanthesand! Nintendo_Male has generously provided to host the server after March, and stanthesand will be acting as co-owner. Nintendo_Male already has experience running a server, and we have successfully ran a test server. They also plan to bring back the much requested creative.

For this December, I’ll likely be publishing a relatively simpler video (Compared to the releases of Polar Expresses of years past) on YouTube. I also plan on uploading some more tracks to the LAST channel.

Finally, I’m thinking about making some designs to possibly use for merch. I’m thinking about making a VISIT FUNLAND design using a dynmap overhead view of the park. I’ll post the design to Discord once I’ve got a draft made.

The LAST Project

It’s here! It’s weird! It’s free from fear! (alliteration is hard okay?) Its the Lost Audio Storage Trust! This is a new YouTube channel that is completely about audio. In the past, I’ve uploaded “lost” audio, however most subscribers didn’t appreciate it. It’s not a surprise that people that like original creations may not be interested in niche audio.

So that’s where the LAST channel comes in! (Update March 2021: The channel has been merged with Nintendo’s Music World!) It’s a celebration of audio that was never wildly released, available now on YouTube in higher quality than anywhere else! This is completely a passion project, as I don’t make revenue from these videos, and expect them to all be claimed (which they should, since I didn’t make the audio).

The logo went through 3 revisions. It is designed to look like a 🎵 and a ❓

Here’s the first 3 tracks:

I have a number of uncompressed Club Penguin tracks that I’ll be releasing in the following days.

Who ya gonna call?

Even though we are all stuck indoors, this Halloween is gonna be big.

My apartment room’s porch

Jurassic World has a new Halloween overlay. Not only have the dinosaurs from Predator Cove escaped, they’ve destroyed the park and eaten guests, staff, and even other dinosaurs! This overlay is a limited time event until early November.

After over a year in production, we are finally ready to premier our latest ride, GhostBusters: Phantom Blast! This interactive dark ride features scenes and audio from every GhostBusters movie, and the video game. The ending changes based on how many ghouls you can take down. This attraction will be opening later this week, and will be a permanent addition to FunLand

Lastly, Jack Skellington has overtaken the Haunted Mansion! This overlay of the classic attraction is inspired by the DisneyLand overlay of the same theme. It will be opening later this month, and will be a limited time offering

Finally, I wanted to make an update about the future ImagineMC Server ownership situation. We have found 3 interested parties, with one being able to host when the time comes, so you can get out from under your doomsday-proofed-desks.

The future of ImagineMC and YOU!

YOU! YES YOU! READING THIS! Do you like ImagineMC and want to help it keep running? Then I’ve got an opportunity for you!

I’ve been the sole owner and operator for ImagineMC for over six years. However over this time I’ve become tired of Minecraft, and the endless updating and fixing involved, not to say anything of how much money I’ve poured into it. I’m not definitively saying I’m quitting Minecraft forever, but that I do not wish to carry the burden of the server any longer. (I’ve done a great job of selling it so far haven’t I?) That being said, running it has been very rewarding, and allowed me to meet many great people I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Here’s where you come in

I know the server means a lot to a lot of people, and I’m no longer opposed to someone else taking over. SO. You have the opportunity to host the server! What this means is:

  • You get to work with the fantastic ImagineMC build team
  • You/your team would be responsible for maintaining, updating, and running the server, including hosting
  • You would get to keep using the domain FOR FREE
  • You receive all the server files, including worlds and plugins
  • You could add survival, creative, or skyblock

I know this is a lot to ask. The new host would have to choose a hosting solution, work with the files, and pay for applicable hosting expenses (except for the domain, which I’ll provide). In return, I’ll do my best to help get everything off the ground, but beyond that your free to do whatever you want, so long as your not going through and deleting everything in mass.

I will provide hosting until March


There is a post;

Its been two months since my last post here? Whoops. So, I guess I’ll tell ya what’s been going on. First, I got a new car (mom’s idea surprisingly enough), the 2020 Kia Niro Hybrid. I have designated it the Encom Transit (Encom is the fictional company that created TRON).

Unfortunately, literally a day after receiving it, the check engine light came on. It took the dealership nearly a week to fix it, largely due to incompetence. It would seem the issue is due to the flap system located in the hood not being happy with the car’s firmware. When I went to pickup the car, the light came on again in less than a minute. Now that I’m back in Tampa, the light has returned twice (It turned off once on its own).

I also created a display case for the 3D printed MOSI using a case designed for a golf-ball and scorecard. I cut off the edge of one side of the black plastic so it would sit flat(ter), and tapped some black paper over the hole in the case.

I also just moved into my apartment for the next year, so I’ve spent a lot of time setting it up to be nice, and classes have started today. Also, for bonus points, I’ve fixed some backend issues with the website I was experiencing.

Look for the Good

So, in the wake of the continued loveliness, I thought I’d make a list of GOOD NEWS:

This most contains my opinions that may offend someone. Oh no!

  • the HIVE server has been very stable after the re-launch
  • the HIVE survived its first DDOS, and continued brute force attacks
  • The Holy Land Experience (a “themepark” near universal that was surrounded in controversy and had daily crucifixions, minigolf, Jesus walk around actor, etc) has shut down permanently.
  • Great data is being generated for psychological effects of telling people to not do anything for an extended period of time
    • As well as better data about the effect humans have on the environment
  • Not having to water plants due to the larger amount of rain (in Florida anyway)
  • Our president continues showing how unfit for the job he is
  • Getting to see family more often (good and bad)
  • Club House Games and Animal Crossing released
  • Increase in digital freebees
  • Increased rate of repair/renovations due to things being closed
    • Stuff that has re-opened generally isn’t as busy as before
  • People washing hands more often (next week we will focus on colors and letters)
  • More people visiting my website, Minecraft server, etc

Look for the good in everything
Look for the people who will set your soul free
It always seems impossible until it’s done
Look for the good in everyone

People done gone crazy, people done gone mad
People done forgot the superpowers we all have
We were born to love, not hate
We can decide our fate
And look for the good in everyone
And celebrate all our mistakes
If there’s a silver lining (silver lining)
You still have to find it, find it, find it

Look For The Good by Jason Mraz

The Game has changed

So, a lot has changed since my last blog post. As a result of the current “unpleasantness”, I’m now living at my mother’s house and we are having a competition to see who can be louder while the other is sleeping. Seems to be a tie at the moment. Also, the staff and I have had more time to work on stuff, and we have opened 5 new attractions in less than a month, with 3 more in the works. We have also seen more players visiting and returning, and have reached 8 players without any lag!

Also, I’ve been doing a lot in the background, with major help from Ranni and the themepark team, I’ve been working on what I call ImagineMC 3.0. This is web integration and communication from the server to the websites. Already we have the new OpenAudioMC system, which uses 149+ audio files, and the themepark system, which handles ride photos, lights, gates, counters, and lets us control rides online. In the future, will be a new companion site to the server, offering ride listing and status, server map, and more useful features.