And then there were 3… (months)

It’s hard to believe it, but (for me anyways), this is the last week of the semester. For my Analyzing Media class, I created a video looking at how Jaws basically predicted how the Coronavirus would play out. Its pretty entertaining, in spite of it being a college level project, I’d say (AND as a bonus, no ads!).

So, after this I’ll have a week off in which I can finally spend some time working on personal projects again. This summer though scares me. I’m taking 4 college classes in total. In the last month, July, I have to:

  • Pass 3 college classes, all of which are only a month long
  • Get a job offer
    • Which means I’ll need a place to live
  • Get a place to live
    • Which means I’ll likely need proof of employment
  • Move

As you can see, the Job/Living issues is a chicken and egg problem. They both rely upon the other, which puts me in a serious catch 22. 😓 AND I can’t make any substantial progress towards any of these goals before July.

Fun times. Fun times.

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