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Look for the Good

So, in the wake of the continued loveliness, I thought I’d make a list of GOOD NEWS:

This most contains my opinions that may offend someone. Oh no!

  • the HIVE server has been very stable after the re-launch
  • the HIVE survived its first DDOS, and continued brute force attacks
  • The Holy Land Experience (a “themepark” near universal that was surrounded in controversy and had daily crucifixions, minigolf, Jesus walk around actor, etc) has shut down permanently.
  • Great data is being generated for psychological effects of telling people to not do anything for an extended period of time
    • As well as better data about the effect humans have on the environment
  • Not having to water plants due to the larger amount of rain (in Florida anyway)
  • Our president continues showing how unfit for the job he is
  • Getting to see family more often (good and bad)
  • Club House Games and Animal Crossing released
  • Increase in digital freebees
  • Increased rate of repair/renovations due to things being closed
    • Stuff that has re-opened generally isn’t as busy as before
  • People washing hands more often (next week we will focus on colors and letters)
  • More people visiting my website, Minecraft server, etc

Look for the good in everything
Look for the people who will set your soul free
It always seems impossible until it’s done
Look for the good in everyone

People done gone crazy, people done gone mad
People done forgot the superpowers we all have
We were born to love, not hate
We can decide our fate
And look for the good in everyone
And celebrate all our mistakes
If there’s a silver lining (silver lining)
You still have to find it, find it, find it

Look For The Good by Jason Mraz

The Game has changed

So, a lot has changed since my last blog post. As a result of the current “unpleasantness”, I’m now living at my mother’s house and we are having a competition to see who can be louder while the other is sleeping. Seems to be a tie at the moment. Also, the staff and I have had more time to work on stuff, and we have opened 5 new attractions in less than a month, with 3 more in the works. We have also seen more players visiting and returning, and have reached 8 players without any lag!

Also, I’ve been doing a lot in the background, with major help from Ranni and the themepark team, I’ve been working on what I call ImagineMC 3.0. This is web integration and communication from the server to the websites. Already we have the new OpenAudioMC system, which uses 149+ audio files, and the themepark system, which handles ride photos, lights, gates, counters, and lets us control rides online. In the future, will be a new companion site to the server, offering ride listing and status, server map, and more useful features.

ImagineMC Achievements 2019

Since I compiled the achievements in April of 2019, I figured that I’d compile them again, a year later. For bonus points I even put them into an excel spreadsheet and made a graph!

A few things to note. Atlantis was reset, so I decided not to include it because it would be lower than expected. Also I think something was wrong with the castle achievement since somehow it went down?

Pessimistics may see the overall decline of increase as a sign of slower server growth, however that would be inncorrect. Achievements can only be given once, so when they were first introduced both regular and new players were receiving them, VS only new players getting them now. Instead a better comparision would be to compare new rides. In 2018, Myan Mind bender opened and received 65 unique riders. In 2019 smiler opened and got 78 unique riders, meaning the server is either growing or holding steady.

Also, here’s a teaser for Revenge of the Mummy.

When will BTTF open!?

Apr 18 Update:

Today after some serious consideration we have decided that BTTF will not be returning as part of the futureland renovation. As previously stated, none of the current staff want to work on the ride, and we are not going to force ourselves to make something were not interested in, just because we feel pressured to. We know that many people will be upset by this decision. No amount of whining or complaining will cause us to change our minds.

Original Post:

TL;DR – Crap hit the fan. Things broke and people left. Idk.

It seems that every other guest that comes on the server asks me this question. I even occasionally get it on videos that are unrelated to Back to the Future. So I figure I’ll break down what happened, and why the renovation has taken so long.

  1. Quite some time ago, the TrainCarts plugin introduced improved cart speed physics. This improved how speeds are calculated and made for less awkward slowdowns, but it also meant that all of our existing ride audios were now out of sync.
  2. The TrainCarts Coaster plugin was released. This allowed for trackless rides, and so it made perfect sense to change over the ride to this system at the same time. However, this plugin makes cart detection much more difficult, and can be a bear to use at times.
  3. JsMovieGuy13 moved on. He was the 2nd builder on the project, and the creator of the star tours ride replica. About halfway through the renovation he moved on to work on other projects and servers.
  4. Wireless Redstone plugin discontinued. This plugin powered most all of the effects in the ride. About 14 in total. As of 1.15.2, the plugin still works, but we are making an active effort to remove it from all existing attractions.
  5. It was never “my” project. In the beginning it was builder Minifigjoe that created V1. Then JsMovieGuy13 and I worked on V2. While I helped significantly with both, they were the drivers of the project. As such after they both left, I lost motivation to continue working on the project.
“Ride Photo” to be used for Back to the Future

That being said, I still intend to finish it. I do not know when, although I’d like to say before 2021, along with a FutureLand mini-renovation.

The hive server

I’ve now completed the transfer of from our old host to what I’m referring to as “The Hive”. This new system will run this site, a new site, a MC control panel, and the ImagineMC server itself. This process has been long, laborious, and frustrating. Major props to Ayden Ranni for helping me with the complex backend work to make this all function. I’ve also fixed some weird formatting and duplication errors in posts and projects. Right now, a few images are still broken, and some formatting is a bit whack. If you find that any links or downloads are broken PLEASE leave a comment on that page saying so.