Encom Transit & S.H.I.E.L.D. Transporter

Encom Transit (2020) The Encom Transit is my personal vehicle, which is a 2020 KIA Niro Hybrid getting up to 52 MPG. It features 2 Encom Stickers on the sides, and the Rinzler Logo on the back. When we purchased … Read More

There is a post;

Its been two months since my last post here? Whoops. So, I guess I’ll tell ya what’s been going on. First, I got a new car (mom’s idea surprisingly enough), the 2020 Kia Niro Hybrid. I have designated it the … Read More

Look for the Good

So, in the wake of the continued loveliness, I thought I’d make a list of GOOD NEWS: This post contains my opinions that may offend someone. Oh no! the HIVE server has been very stable after the re-launch the HIVE … Read More

Revenge of the Mummy

Not even the medjai can save you now! Based on the Universal Orlando ride, using track blueprints, we set out to create the most fun and accurate version of this attraction. In the queue we took some artistic license and … Read More

The hive server

I’ve now completed the transfer of www.mrwonka.com from our old host to what I’m referring to as “The Hive”. This new system will run this site, a new site, a MC control panel, and the ImagineMC server itself. This process … Read More